New for this season! Kiln dried logs in handy crates. Be sure to chop the crate up for firewood - its kiln dried as well!

Using firewood in crates can offer several advantages, depending on the specific context and needs. Here are some potential benefits:

      1. Firewood in crates can be covered and stored outside, making it easier to manage and access when needed. This can be particularly useful for homeowners who do not have indoor storage.

     2. Air Circulation: Storing firewood in crates allows for great air circulation around the wood. Proper air circulation is crucial for avoiding mould and preventing decay. Well-dried firewood burns more efficiently and produces less smoke.

     3.  Protection from Moisture: Elevated or covered crates can help protect firewood from ground moisture, reducing the chances of the wood getting damp or rotting. This is especially important for those who store firewood outdoors.

    4. Pest Control: Keeping a plastic sheet under your crate can help prevent pests like insects and rodents from making homes in the woodpile. Elevating the wood reduces the likelihood of pests finding their way into the crate.

     5. Easy Transportation: Crates make it easier to transport firewood from one location to another. It is hard to believe, but one cubic metre of stacked wood in a crate is equal to 1.5 cubic metres of loose firewood. 

     6. Kindling and chopwood: Many people do not realise that the crate itself is kiln-dried and essentially free firewood. An eclectic chainsaw will do the job. 

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Picture of Kiln-Dried Ash Half Crate

Kiln-Dried Ash Half Crate

A solid crate of kiln dried Ash.
Picture of Kiln-Dried Birch Half Crate

Kiln-Dried Birch Half Crate

A solid crate of kiln dried Birch.
Picture of Kiln-Dried Oak Half Crate

Kiln-Dried Oak Half Crate

A solid crate of kiln dried Oak.