Its been a tough year for all, with the cost of living on the rise for many.
We have seen a sharp rise in raw material costs, which have forced us to increase the prices across our products. This is also due to the increased labour cost for processing, haulage costs and driver wage increases.
There have also been fuel increases and the new Ultra-Low emissions zone.
Also, a new law passed in May 2020 that requires all our wood now needs to be Wood Sure Certification at an additional cost.

To make things a little better and to keep the costs down for the customer, all our nets are now slightly larger at 30-litre nets rather than 22-litre nets.
We have also ordered 30% more stock than last year to help slow the ever-increasing costs.

We have also needed to change the delivery slots available to make routes more efficient and achievable hit the time slots. Although now, you will only have an option for an AM or PM delivery slot. We will be able to tell you on the day before your delivery the position you are in the route and a rough time. Please email to get updates.
Our offices are closed on the weekend, so this is only available Monday-Friday.

Hopefully, things will start to ease, and once the external prices begin to decrease, our prices will change to reflect this.

We hope you all have a good winter and a cosy one by the fire!

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