The Best Log Burner Accessories

The Best Log Burner Accessories

It doesn't matter if you're interested in log burners for their sustainable, cost-effective warmth or simply enjoy the cosy ambience of an authentic wood fire; there are countless accessories and add-ons you can use to enhance the experience.

We've rounded up the best log burner accessories to help you narrow your search, whether you're looking for a gift or treating yourself.

What accessories do I need for a wood burner?

As mentioned, there are plenty of options for log burner accessories. Our suggestions are stylish enough to display, control the flame, and, most importantly, keep you safe.

Put safety first with a fire screen or fire guard.

Installing a fire screen is essential for a safe environment, especially when children or pets are around. Whether you choose a delicate or robust design, they help shield you from potential danger.

Placing a fire guard around the flames prevents sparks or ash from escaping. It also means less cleaning up!

Choose a contemporary glass design or an elaborate, traditional cast iron fire guard to complement your decor and fit neatly into your set-up.

Protect yourself with extra-long matches

The best matches for log burners and wood fires are thick, extra-long matches.

At 28cm, these matches put a considerable distance between you and the flames, reducing the likelihood of being scolded. Thanks to the chunky design, they’re also much less likely to snap.

Stock up on Log Delivery’s handy extra-long matches, so you never get caught short.

Store your timber with a Log Holder

Store a supply of logs close to your fire for easy access to your fuel. A log holder keeps everything compact, contained and readily available for reviving a fizzling fire. Plus, it ensures the logs maintain their condition.

Plenty of innovative makes are on the market for your convenience. For example, freestanding models make great display features whilst hangable log holders are ideal for saving space.

A basket is another excellent solution, especially for stowing kindling.

Guarantee success with plenty of kindling.

The kindling you select will make all the difference to your fire, as it is essential for catching those initial flames.

We nominate the 2.5kg Local Kiln Dried Kindling for this job since it’s dry, reliable and includes a considerable amount of wood in each bag.

It’s renowned for lighting wood-burning stoves, log burners, fireplaces, grills, pizza ovens and BBQs. Therefore, it’s the perfect accompaniment for all functions.

Stock up on your kindling by adding a bag to your order here at Log Delivery.

Achieve control with a tidy fire companion set.

Fire companion sets are a collection of tools found at the base of a fireplace or log burner. They typically consist of a poker, tongs, shovel and brush to help maintain and control your fire.

Purchase as a set with a stand to hold everything together, or acquire each tool separately and create a custom collection.

Why not commission a blacksmith to handcraft one of these tools for an extra special touch? Not only will it be traditionally made, but it will be thoroughly one of a kind.

Now that you’re full of ideas look through our selection of Kindling and Accessories to see which other gadgets and add-ons can benefit you.

Order online or collect from the Log Delivery warehouse to enjoy our premium firewood and related products.

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