PRODUCTS / Smokeless Coal (15 X 10KG bags)

Smokeless Coal (15 X 10KG bags)

15 X 10KG bags of Premium Quality Smokeless Coal for Multi-fuel appliances

A smokeless coal fire burns for longer than household coal and generates more heat - meaning you need less fuel to heat your home.  Smokeless coal can be used even in smoke-controlled areas like London.

As well as generating lots of heat our smokeless coal leaves very little ash when burnt and emits less CO2 and smoke. Even better, according to medical research, using solid fuels such as smokeless coal, can have a beneficial effect on your health.


How do I light a fire using smokeless coal?

Place 3 pieces of kindling on the grate, then add 2-3 firelighters on top and a good handful of kindling onto the grate, then sprinkle a layer of smokeless coal around the kindling and on top of the kindling, leaving some kindling showing in the middle. Light the firelighters and ensure the vents on your stove are fully open. Once the fire has taken you can add more fuel to create a deep fire bed and adjust the vent until you achieve your desired burning rate. Leaving the vents fully open until the coals are glowing red. To prolong the burn, or to achieve over night burning, close the primary air vent, so that all the air intake is coming through the secondary and if you have one, your tertiary air vent. If burning on an open fireplace the process is the same except you will need to use a little more kindling at the beginning to set on fire, this is to allow the flue to be warmed more first from the kindling fire, remember that a warm flue draws properly, so the kindling fire is also being used to warm the flue up.


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