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Small Smokeless Coal Package

33 x Smokeless Coal Bags,5 x Kindling,1 box matches & 2 box of natural firelighters made from wood wool

Its surprising how quick you can go through your stock pile of smokeless coal during winter. "How much smokeless fuel will I use in a winter season?" we hear you cry! To help we created this smokeless fuel offer for multifuel stove owners and people with cast iron inserts. We have created this package with people in mind that have a small shed, or a small space to keep their smokeless fuel and kindling. 

When its really cold, you can use a bag a day if the fire is on from 7am to midnight in a multifuel stove. So this would be a solid 30 days, literally on all the time. So if you are using half a 10KG bag of smokeless fuel for a roasting fire in the evenings and weekends then this would be over 2 months worth of fuel. 

A really good top tip for lighting smokeless fuel is to add a couple of kiln dried logs on top of the kindling and lay the smokeless coal around the sides of the fire, leaving a gap in the middle of the fire. This is because the kiln dried logs will burn quicker, which warms the flue and starts the chimney drawing faster. This then gets the coals to heat up faster and will warm your room up super fast, give it a try by adding a few silver birch nets to your order. There is a link below (scrow down) or click here to have a look at our Kiln Dried Silver Birch nets in the Top up's and Kindling section, where you can add small amounts to your order including our very popular natural firelighters made from wood shaving and natural wax.


How do you use natural wood shaving firelighters?

These are really simple to use. First lay a bed of kindling, place a single natural firelighter on top. Lay 3-4 pieces of kindling over the top in a "tippi" shape and place two small logs over the top of the kindling. Light the natural firelighter and away you go! If you are lighting a stove or fireplace on a cold day, it may help if you use 2 or 3 natural firelighters to help warm the flue quickly, as a warm flue will draw properly once warm. If lighting charcoal or a fire pit when cooking outside, or a wood fired oven using a compressed beech log, then use 3 firelighters, as this will get your fire up to temperature quickly. This is the same for burning smokeless fuel, get the fire as hot as possible at the start so that the flue warms up!

How do I light a fire with kiln-dried logs?

Use at least two firelighters and 5-8 pieces of kindling to generate enough heat to warm your flue. Once the kindling is burning add a couple of smaller kiln-dried logs - as these burn and create a layer of embers you can add a couple of larger logs. Reloading time will depend on the draw and size of your fireplace or wood burning stove - normally you will need to reload every 45 minutes or so.


Local Kindling Net X2

2 nets of 3 kg Local Kiln Dried Kindling, perfect for Log Burners
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Local Kindling Net X10

3 Kg X10 Nets of Local Kiln Dried Kindling Perfect for all fires
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Kiln Dried Birch Logs Small Bags X 2

Small Bags X 2 of Silver Birch Kiln Dried Logs 25cm length
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Olive Wood 10-12kg Bags X 2

10-12kg Bags X 2 of Olive Wood logs A perfect top up to your order and bring joy to your fire
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Olive Wood 10-12kg Bags X 5

10-12kg Bags X 5 of Olive Wood A perfect way to try the fantastic Olive wood logs
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Natural Firelighters x 2

Natural firelighters are odourless, made from natural wood wool. Easy to light, long burning and clean to handle.
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Natural Firelighters x 5

Wood Wool natural firelighters, for commercial kitchens and owners of stoves and fireplaces. Long burning.
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