PRODUCTS / Olive Wood Barrow Bag X2

Olive Wood Barrow Bag X2

2 Barrow bags of Olive Wood

Our olive wood barrow bags are about the size of a domestic wheelie bin and are stuffed full of beautiful seasoned olive wood. The bags are a minimum of 46cm x 46cm and are about 87cm tall. Olive wood is a great fuel to mix in with a well-lit hot fire, or great on its own in your multi-fuel stove, wood burner, or open fire. It is a must-try wood! There is the equivalent of nine bags of olive wood in each barrow bag. 

Requiring less storage space than the larger 1m3 and 1.2m3 bulk bags these barrow bags are NOT delivered on a pallet and even have a tie down lid.

Barrow bags are an easy way to try out olive wood for your stove or fireplace, BBQ, or Pizza Oven! The flavour from burning olive wood is amazing - the unique sweet smell of burning it is like nothing else. We hope you like it as much as we do.


How do you use natural wood shaving firelighters?

These are really simple to use. First lay a bed of kindling, place a single natural firelighter on top. Lay 3-4 pieces of kindling over the top in a "tippi" shape and place two small logs over the top of the kindling. Light the natural firelighter and away you go! If you are lighting a stove or fireplace on a cold day, it may help if you use 2 or 3 natural firelighters to help warm the flue quickly, as a warm flue will draw properly once warm. If lighting charcoal or a fire pit when cooking outside, or a wood fired oven using a compressed beech log, then use 3 firelighters, as this will get your fire up to temperature quickly. This is the same for burning smokeless fuel, get the fire as hot as possible at the start so that the flue warms up!

Where does your Olive Wood come from?

We source all of our olive wood from the Mediterranean. Olive farmers chop down the old olive trees as their productivity declines, leaving the productive roots to produce plentiful new growth or planting new trees to replace those that have died or become unproductive. Each year thousands of olive trees are left to decompose naturally releasing their stored carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere. Utilising these old trees as a source of fuel has a carbon-neutral effect on the environment.


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