PRODUCTS / Olive Wood 10-12kg Bags X 2

Olive Wood 10-12kg Bags X 2

10-12kg Bags X 2 of Olive Wood logs A perfect top up to your order and bring joy to your fire

Add some olive wood logs to your order and see what all the fuss is about. Olive wood is a must-try for all fire lovers - by adding these two bags to your order, you will be able to smell the sweet smell and feel the incredible heat produced. We love olive wood logs, and we think you will too!

Olive wood logs burn for an incredible amount of time, the aroma of an olive log is very sweet and a must buy for all fire enthusiasts!

The grain is very close together which means it burns slow and hot. People who like cooking with wood should add this to their order, it will make your day!

If you are new to Olive firewood logs, try mixing it with Silver Birch which is easy to light, you will find you use less kindling.

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What is so great about Olive Wood?

Apart from being carbon neutral; olive wood is very dense meaning that it burns for longer than other hardwood species such as birch and oak. By using olive wood in combination with other hardwood species you will reduce our overall spend on wood. Olive wood also produces a wonderful aroma and burns with a beautiful bright flame.

What is seasoning?

Seasoning is the process of reducing the natural moisture content in wood, resulting in less smoke and a more uniform combustion when used as firewood. Seasoning is the traditional method for drying wood and can take between 6-9 months. The logs are stacked on a raised foundation in a clean, cool, dry and shady area. Air flow through the stack is the key to removing moisture through evaporation.

Do you sell small logs for small stoves?

Yes we do! They are 19cm (+/-1cm), so are a maximum of 20cm, we sell them in nets for easy handing. You can buy 20 nets, 35 nets or 70 nets of our small logs, perfect for small, multifuel stoves and wood burningstoves, fireplace grates, pizza ovens and BBQ's. You can find them in our kiln dried logs page.


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