PRODUCTS / Olive Wood 10-12 kg Bags X 10

Olive Wood 10-12 kg Bags X 10

10-12 kg Bags X 10 of Olive Wood

Add some olive wood to your order and see what all the fuss is about. Olive wood is a must-try for all fire lovers - by adding these two bags to your order, you will be able to smell the sweet smell and feel the incredible heat produced. We love olive wood logs, and we think you will too!

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Do I need to use firelighters or can I use newspaper?

We recommend using firelighters as this gives a constant source of heat to light the kindling, using news paper crates a quick flash of heat, which can cause your stove or fireplace to smoke. Remember at the start of the fire it is important to warm the flue, a warm flue will draw properly and using firelighters and kindling to do this is the first step. Once you have a kindling fire going then add smaller logs, let these set on fire and once you have some embers, then add on your larger log sizes.

What is so great about Olive Wood?

Apart from being carbon neutral; olive wood is very dense meaning that it burns for longer than other hardwood species such as birch and oak. By using olive wood in combination with other hardwood species you will reduce our overall spend on wood. Olive wood also produces a wonderful aroma and burns with a beautiful bright flame.

Where do the Olive Wood logs come from?

Olive Wood logs are from the many places including Europe and Turkey where olive's are produced. Olive wood logs are a fantastic fuel to heat your home and cool with, burning for twice the time of a kiln dried log due to it being very dense. The olive wood trees naturally die over time and in the counties where it grows the wood is used locally for heating and cooking, the brash (small branches of olive wood) is traditionally used for pizza ovens and cooking and the larger trunks and branches are used for firewood. It is then chopped up into manageable sizes, seasoned for over a year, creating olive wood logs and chunks. The olive hardwood logs are put into bags and weigh around 10-12kG. Olive wood smells amazing too and is the best hardwood log to cook food with. Why not try some as a top up on your order?


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