PRODUCTS / Normandy Beech Briquettes -20 Boxes

Normandy Beech Briquettes -20 Boxes

6 Logs per box = 12kg Briquettes (£7.40 per box) Each Briquette is Equivalent 3 Kiln Dried Logs 100% Beech

Beech Briquettes – Compressed logs are fantastic for so many reasons, they are made from wood flour created from sawmills. They are formed into a log with no additives and squeezed under pressure to bind them together under high pressure resulting in a perfect log that last for ages, each briquette log is the same as 3 kiln dried logs. As they come in boxes they are easy to stack too, saving space when compared to storing firewood.

Briquettes are clean, efficient and an ash content of only 0.5%.

Suitable for stoves, fireplaces, firepits, pizza ovens.

For small stoves like the Hobbit, you can tap them to break in half. These kick out an amazing amount of heat, some 21,000 Kj. They last around an hour too, making them a very cost effective fuel. You get 6 logs in a box, breaking them in half, would effectively give you around 12 logs and 12 hours heat. This is far longer than a bag of kiln dried logs. 

Kindly note: Normandy Briquettes need to be stored in dry conditions, if they get wet or damp, they will expand and will become unusable.

Finally a alternative option for wood fired pizza ovens and small stoves.

6 Logs per box = 12kg of Briquettes (2KG each hexagonal log)

Each Briquette is Equivalent 3 Kiln Dried Logs

  • 100% Beech
  • Highly Calorific
  • Perfect for Pizza Ovens
  • HACCP Approved
  • Sup calorific value: 19477 J/g
  • Density > 1050 kg/m3
  • Humidity < 8%
  • Ash < 0.5%
  • No additives
  • £148.00


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