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Local Kindling Net X10

3 Kg X10 Nets of Local Kindling

Best Buy Kindling!

Local Kindling Net 3 Kg X10. Add this multi-buy 10 x Kindling bags to your order now to reduce the running cost of your fire.

Do you need a smaller amount, then CLICK HERE to buy 2 x Kindling bags.

CLICK HERE to buy 5 bags of Kindling.


Do you do next day or same day log delivery?

Where ever we can we will! We have our own fleet of Mercedes Lutons that are going across London and back through to Surrey, 7 days a week. Often we allow enough room on each route to allow for last minute log deliveries, so either call us on 02088196482, or email us at to see if we can deliver next day to you. Normally we can if the order is placed early. Or if you are near to our warehouse in Walton on Thames, Surrey, KT12 3PW, we often can deliver your log delivery in the afternoon, so sometimes we can deliver same day log deliveries!

Do I need to use firelighters or can I use newspaper?

We recommend using firelighters as this gives a constant source of heat to light the kindling, using news paper crates a quick flash of heat, which can cause your stove or fireplace to smoke. Remember at the start of the fire it is important to warm the flue, a warm flue will draw properly and using firelighters and kindling to do this is the first step. Once you have a kindling fire going then add smaller logs, let these set on fire and once you have some embers, then add on your larger log sizes.


Kiln Dried Ash Logs - Half Pallet (35 Nets) 22 Litre Nets 25cm Length

35 X Nets of Kiln Dried Ash Logs - 1/2 Pallet
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Local Kindling Bags X 5

3kg Bags X 5 of Local Kindling
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Natural Firelighters x 5

Wood Wool natural firelighters, for commercial kitchens and owners of stoves and fireplaces. Long burning.
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Extra Long Matches 28cm X1

Log-Barn Extra Long Matches 28cm.
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