PRODUCTS / Large Ash Fire Pit Logs Logs 50cm -1m3 crate

Large Ash Fire Pit Logs Logs 50cm -1m3 crate

Looking for the largest Kiln Dried Ash Logs? Check out our crates of 50cm big Ash logs for big open fires and fire pits


We are proud to offer the largest Ash Log, kiln dried and perfect for large open fires and large wood burning stoves. These large Ash logs are the biggest you will find, we have them especially kiln dried and packed into 1m3 crates. Large Firewood can be used in your favorite fire pit, our large Ash firewood will last longer than using smaller logs. Be warned these are not for small stoves, as they are 500mm length large ash logs! in Inches these are roughly 20" length logs!

We were asked by one of our customers if we could make a large log for their big fireplaces and we thought we would see what everyone else thinks of them by listing them on our website We launched these in July 2016 as a new product and they have been very popular with customers who have fire pits and large log burners. 

These are 50cm Ash logs, they are long in length and perfect for large fireplace and large wood burning stoves and multifuel stoves. Because they are 50cm in length, they are perfect for large fire pits and can be used as cooking wood.

We offer trade pricing on all our firewood, so if you would like us to be supply your restaurant feel free to contact us by clicking here.

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The dimensions of the crate are 115cm(H) x 115 cm(W) x 80cm (D). 

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Kiln drying is the process of using heat to evaporate the natural water contained in wood. The wood is stacked inside the kiln and hot air is circulated through the drying chamber to increase the rate of evaporation. Kiln drying also kills naturally occurring insects and mould on the wood. Firewood that has been kiln dried is cleaner, lighter and better burning than green or naturally seasoned firewood logs.

Why use kiln dried logs?

Kiln-dried logs are the best fuel to burn in your wood burning stove because they contain less moisture than green or seasoned logs. This means that they produce more heat and burn for longer making them more economical than other types of firewood. Kiln-dried logs will heat your room faster, burn with a brighter flame and produce less smoke than seasoned or green logs helping to minimise the build-up of harmful deposits on your chimney or lining system.


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