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Kiln Dried Logs 1.2m3 Bulk Bag

25cm length Kiln Dried Logs, Silver Birch and Ash mix

These high quality kiln dried firewood logs have been split to a length of 25cm making them the ideal size for burning in your wood burning stove, pizza oven, chiminea and open fireplace. All of our wood is sourced from the FSC certified forests and are Ash Hardwood Logs and Kiln Dried Silver Birch. Due to their lower moisture content, kiln dried logs burn for longer than seasoned logs and have a higher calorific value. Our high quality premium kiln dried logs have a calorific value of 4.2kwh/kg.

The 1.2m3 are larger than a smaller builders bag sold by many, they are a mix of silver birch and Ash hardwood kiln dried firewood. When buying our kiln dried logs online, you can top up with kindling at the top of the page.

If you are comparing our prices, remember to find out what is going into the bag makes a difference to the price. Our kiln dried 1.2m3 bag has a mixture of Silver Birch and Ash, no softwoods in these bags!


What is the minimal spend?

The minimal spend is £59 for free delivery. You can either add a mixed Kiln dried mix of silver birch and Ash Barrow Bag, Pizza Oven logs or go to the Top ups and Kindling section and add smaller amounts to make the minimal delivery amount.


How much fuel you need will depend on a number of factors and will vary from customer to customer. Obviously how often you light a fire in your stove or fireplace is an important factor. So is the heat output of your appliance and the type of fuel you are burning. The air flow into your appliance also effects the time it takes for your fuel to be consumed. Keeping the vents on your stove open will increase the speed the fuel burns. We have spent time putting together some tailored packages that will allow you to test each type of fuel we sell. These tailored packages are available with FREE DELIVERY inside the M25 and Surrey. We also deliver Nationally using the Palletways Network, who will contact you to arrange the best time for delivery with you. Deliveries are made Monday to Friday to our nationwide customers between 9am to 5pm.

What is smokeless coal?

Smokeless coal refers to natural or manufactured coal products that do not give off tarry or other hydrocarbon vapours when heated below their point of ignition. Anthracite is a naturally-occurring smokeless fuel which has a long burn time and a high heat output. It can, however, be difficult to light and burns with a subdued flame, so many fire-owners choose other options. Manufactured smokeless coals contain anthracite and a mix of other fuels. Our smokeless coal has been developed to combine the long fire life of anthracite with the bright flame and easy-lighting qualities of house coal, and can be used on an open fire cast iron insert, and in multi-fuel stoves.

How do you use natural wood shaving firelighters?

These are really simple to use. First lay a bed of kindling, place a single natural firelighter on top. Lay 3-4 pieces of kindling over the top in a "tippi" shape and place two small logs over the top of the kindling. Light the natural firelighter and away you go! If you are lighting a stove or fireplace on a cold day, it may help if you use 2 or 3 natural firelighters to help warm the flue quickly, as a warm flue will draw properly once warm. If lighting charcoal or a fire pit when cooking outside, or a wood fired oven using a compressed beech log, then use 3 firelighters, as this will get your fire up to temperature quickly. This is the same for burning smokeless fuel, get the fire as hot as possible at the start so that the flue warms up!

Where do the Olive Wood logs come from?

Olive Wood logs are from the many places including Europe and Turkey where olive's are produced. Olive wood logs are a fantastic fuel to heat your home and cool with, burning for twice the time of a kiln dried log due to it being very dense. The olive wood trees naturally die over time and in the counties where it grows the wood is used locally for heating and cooking, the brash (small branches of olive wood) is traditionally used for pizza ovens and cooking and the larger trunks and branches are used for firewood. It is then chopped up into manageable sizes, seasoned for over a year, creating olive wood logs and chunks. The olive hardwood logs are put into bags and weigh around 10-12kG. Olive wood smells amazing too and is the best hardwood log to cook food with. Why not try some as a top up on your order?


Small Log Store in grade "A" Joinery Pine - Pressure treated

Waterproof Log Store for keeping your logs dry all year round.
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4 Kg X10 Nets of Local Kindling
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Smokeless Coal 10kg Bag X 10

10kg Bag X 10 of Smokeless Coal
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Olive Wood 10-12 kg Bags X 10

10-12 kg Bags X 10 of Olive Wood
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