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Firelighters X2

Our firelighters have small peat chips in them and light very well.
Our firelighters have small peat chips in them and light very well. We recommend you use 2-3 to light your fire, then add kindling.

Crackerjack firelighters contain Irish peat chips meaning they are extremely long burning. We think this is the easiest way to light your fire, topped up with our locally-sourced kindling and top quality logs.

How to light your fire with Crackerjack firelighters:

1) Lay four kindling sticks down on your grate.

2) Place three firelighters in the middle of the flat kindling and light. 

3) Add kindling over the firelighters, so the tops of the kindling sticks are leaning on each other.

4) Let this light fully, then add smaller pieces of wood, before building up to larger pieces.

Remember, you need a kindling fire to warm the flue!


What is the minimal spend?

The minimal spend is £59 for free delivery. You can either add a mixed Kiln dried mix of silver birch and Ash Barrow Bag, Pizza Oven logs or go to the Top ups and Kindling section and add smaller amounts to make the minimal delivery amount.

How do I light a fire with kiln-dried logs?

Use at least two firelighters and 5-8 pieces of kindling to generate enough heat to warm your flue. Once the kindling is burning add a couple of smaller kiln-dried logs - as these burn and create a layer of embers you can add a couple of larger logs. Reloading time will depend on the draw and size of your fireplace or wood burning stove - normally you will need to reload every 45 minutes or so.


Local Kindling Net 4 Kg X2

2 nets of 4 kg Local Kindling
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Smokeless Coal 10kg Bag X 5

10kg Bag X 5 of Smokeless Coal. Add some smokeless coal to your order.
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Kiln Dried Birch Logs Small Bags X 2

Small Bags X 2 of Silver Birch Kiln Dried Logs 25cm length
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Natural Firelighters x 1

Natural firelighters are odourless and made from wood wool. They are easy to light, long burning and clean to touch.
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