Kindling & Lighters

Find all you need to light your fire cleanly and quickly here at Log Delivery. We offer the very best in kindling wood, firelighters, and extra-long matches.

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Extra Long Matches 28cm X1

Extra Long Matches 28cm

Log-Barn Extra Long Matches 28cm, for safe lighting of any flame-driven appliance.
Picture of Premium Natural Wood Wool Firelighters - 200 Piece Box for Effortless Lighting

Premium Natural Wood Wool Firelighters - 200 Piece Box for Effortless Lighting

Log Barn Wood Wool Firelighters: Box of 200 natural, eco-friendly firelighters. Each piece is capable of starting a fire with just one firelighter when used alongside kindling. These wax-coated firelighters are designed for a prolonged burn time, maintaining a flame for up to 10 minutes. Ideal for kindling, coal, open fires, and multi-fuel burners. Made from Wood Wool & Wax, they are odourless, fast-lighting, and suitable for cooking applications. Perfect for use in wood burners, fireplaces, BBQs, or camping fires, they offer a simple and environmentally conscious alternative to traditional firelighters. For kiln-dried logs, 3 pieces can initiate a fire without the need for kindling.
Picture of Wood Wool Firelighter Box

Wood Wool Firelighter Box

Log Barn Wood Wool firelighters are odourless and made from wood wool. Approximately 40 lighters per box, they are easy to light, long burning and clean to touch.
Picture of 2.5 kg Kiln Dried Kindling Bags

2.5 kg Kiln Dried Kindling Bags

Premium 2.5kg Kiln Dried Kindling bags, perfect for starting Log Burners, Multifuel Stoves, & Chimineas.