We recommend going to the Top Ups and Kindling Section of the website, here you can build your own small package of Kiln Dried Birch, Olive Wood, not forgetting the Log Barn Natural Firelighters and Kiln Dried Kindling. If you have a recently felled tree, you can burn it but make sure it is well seasoned. Seasoning the wood (making it dry) take between 1-2 years if doing it at home. Keep off the floor and under cover. If you don't have time, that's where we come in. We sell Kiln Dried Hardwood, as it lasts longer and creates less smoke than seasoned wood, due to the lower moisture content.
If we are delivering on our own fleet, we will deliver the wood to the nearest point possible to the front door, if it is on flat ground. We are happy to deliver nets and barrow bags to the side of the house, if the ground is flat and access permits. We are unable to deliver to back gardens, unless the driver thinks it is feasible given the time they need to do the rest of their drops and access feasibility. Bulk bags are very large and these are on pallets and do not go over rough ground. So if in doubt please purchase nets as these are much lighter to move once we have delivered. We offer a 3 hour time slot and to enable this we can’t always move the wood to the exact location. So officially, we have to say we will deliver to the front doorstep. For heavier items, such as bulk bags, these are to the kerbside, if we can get them closer we will do. We do not physically unload Barrow bags or bulk bags. Neither can we take bulk bags, barrow bags or nets of logs up or downstairs to prevent any personal injury to our drivers.
Our 28cm length Safety Matches are designed to allow you to hold the match at length and be able to light your fire with the full length of the match being able to get into the fire and light the firelighter, therefore reducing the chance of injury to yourself. The box can be stored away ready for the next time you light your fire. Our 28cm long safety matches are also fantastic for lighting candles when as they are so long they will allow you to light multiple candles in one go. They are popular in restaurants for lighting those hard to reach grills. You can even take them camping!
There are around 40 nets in a 1m3 crate of kiln dried logs. Because the wood is stacked these take up less space. When we deliver these you will need to unpack the logs yourself once we have delivered. Then the crate makes the perfect kindling as they are not treated.
There are around 8-9 nets in a barrow bag. They are a mixture of Silver Birch and Oak or Ash. The silver birch (white bark) should be used to start the fire, then once the fire is going, use the Ash or Oak, as these burn for longer.
Here is some useful things to know when buying your wood. There are two types of volumes to consider when buying wood: 1) Stacked volume 2) Loose filled volume Facts: 1) Stacked volume takes up less space when stacked. ie crates 2) Loose filled volume has more air gaps between the pieces of wood. ie bulk bags In a bulk 1m3 bag there are about 28 nets. In a 1.2m3 bulk bag there are around 33 nets. In a 1.3m3 bulk bag there are around 36 nets.
Yes we do, we can supply what ever you need from small reduced priced orders through our website or to larger container orders direct to your yard. If you are looking for a reliable kiln dried log supplier for your pub or wood fired pizza oven we supply kiln dried firewood to pubs and restaurants, garden centres, hotels, pet shops and stove shops. If you are in need of a supplier that is reliable and that sells dry wood all year round, then please get in touch on 020 8819 6482, or email us
Where ever we can we will! We have our own fleet of Mercedes Lutons that are going across London and back through to Surrey, 7 days a week. Often we allow enough room on each route to allow for last minute log deliveries, so either call us on 02088196482, or email us at to see if we can deliver next day to you. Normally we can if the order is placed early. Or if you are near to our warehouse in Ashford, Surrey, TW15 1YQ, we often can deliver your log delivery in the afternoon, so sometimes we can deliver same day log deliveries!
The minimal spend is £60 for free delivery. You can either add a mixed Kiln dried mix of silver birch and Ash Barrow Bag, Pizza Oven logs or go to the Top ups and Kindling section and add smaller amounts to make the minimal delivery amount.
London is a smoke control area, this means that you can burn wood in an approved appliance. These are typically know as Defra stoves, Defra approved stoves and Smoke Exempt Stoves. These stoves have been sent for testing and have an efficiency of over 65%, therefore they burn the particulates created. Sometimes a manufacturer may describe the stove as clean burning, this isn't to be confused with being approved and is a sales term, so always ask if the stove is approved for burning before buying any stove if you live in a smoke control area. One unknown fact is that there are no laws against having a bonfire, but there are laws for the nuisance they can cause. For example danger to traffic if you allow the smoke to drift across the road and become a danger to traffic. A bonfire must happen frequently to be considered a nuisance. So you can own a Fire Pit, or Pizza oven and burn logs on those and buying kiln dried logs to use will help, as these are very low in moisture and the amount of smoke created when burning them is vastly reduced, compared to burning seasoned logs. You are not allowed to burn house hold waste (not that you would want to!) Please see this link on the DEFRA website for further information and to search for smoke exempt appliances:
We recommend using firelighters as this gives a constant source of heat to light the kindling, using news paper crates a quick flash of heat, which can cause your stove or fireplace to smoke. Remember at the start of the fire it is important to warm the flue, a warm flue will draw properly and using firelighters and kindling to do this is the first step. Once you have a kindling fire going then add smaller logs, let these set on fire and once you have some embers, then add on your larger log sizes.
How much fuel you need will depend on a number of factors and will vary from customer to customer. Obviously how often you light a fire in your stove or fireplace is an important factor. So is the heat output of your appliance and the type of fuel you are burning. The air flow into your appliance also effects the time it takes for your fuel to be consumed. Keeping the vents on your stove open will increase the speed the fuel burns. We have spent time putting together some tailored packages that will allow you to test each type of fuel we sell. These tailored packages are available with FREE DELIVERY inside the M25 and Surrey. We also deliver Nationally using the Palletways Network, who will contact you to arrange the best time for delivery with you. Deliveries are made Monday to Friday to our nationwide customers between 9am to 5pm.
Apart from being carbon neutral; olive wood is very dense meaning that it burns for longer than other hardwood species such as birch and oak. By using olive wood in combination with other hardwood species you will reduce our overall spend on wood. Olive wood also produces a wonderful aroma and burns with a beautiful bright flame.
Smokeless coal refers to natural or manufactured coal products that do not give off tarry or other hydrocarbon vapours when heated below their point of ignition. Anthracite is a naturally-occurring smokeless fuel which has a long burn time and a high heat output. It can, however, be difficult to light and burns with a subdued flame, so many fire-owners choose other options. Manufactured smokeless coals contain anthracite and a mix of other fuels. Our smokeless coal has been developed to combine the long fire life of anthracite with the bright flame and easy-lighting qualities of house coal, and can be used on an open fire cast iron insert, and in multi-fuel stoves.
Seasoned logs are naturally dried outside and will only reach a moisture content that matches the ambient atmosphere. The moisture content in your house is lower than that of the outside world. Leaving the seasoned logs in a well-ventilated inside storage area will allow more moisture to be removed and you will end up with a log that burns better, for longer and produces more heat and less smoke.
Freshly-chopped wood has between 40-60% moisture content depending on the species. When burning wet or green wood the majority of the energy released is wasted evaporating the water in the wood rather than heating your house. Wet wood produces more smoke than seasoned wood and can leave harmful creosote deposits on your chimney or flue pipe. Creosote is formed when wood smoke condenses and attaches itself to the lining of a chimney before it exits the top of pipe. You should get your chimney swept regularly, twice a year, to remove excess creosote deposits.
Seasoning is the process of reducing the natural moisture content in wood, resulting in less smoke and a more uniform combustion when used as firewood. Seasoning is the traditional method for drying wood and can take between 6-9 months. The logs are stacked on a raised foundation in a clean, cool, dry and shady area. Air flow through the stack is the key to removing moisture through evaporation.
Lay Down 7 pieces of kindling, add three natural firelighters on top and light, then add the compressed charcoal on top, say 6-12 pieces (depending on the size of your BBQ) then add on top another 4-6 pieces of kindling. The flames will travel around the compressed charcoal, creating the optimum environment for the charcoal to light.
These are really simple to use. First lay a bed of kindling, place a single natural firelighter on top. Lay 3-4 pieces of kindling over the top in a "tippi" shape and place two small logs over the top of the kindling. Light the natural firelighter and away you go! If you are lighting a stove or fireplace on a cold day, it may help if you use 2 or 3 natural firelighters to help warm the flue quickly, as a warm flue will draw properly once warm. If lighting charcoal or a fire pit when cooking outside, or a wood fired oven using a compressed beech log, then use 3 firelighters, as this will get your fire up to temperature quickly. This is the same for burning smokeless fuel, get the fire as hot as possible at the start so that the flue warms up!
Once you have selected your kiln dried pizza oven logs, you will also need very dry kindling and firelighters. Use the firelighters to set your kindling on fire, then add smaller pieces of kiln dried pizza oven logs building up in a pyramid shape. For added flavour, why not add a few bags of olive wood (find this in the top ups and kindling section), its smells amazing too and lasts for a very long time!
Olive Wood logs are from the many places including Europe and Turkey where olive's are produced. Olive wood logs are a fantastic fuel to heat your home and cool with, burning for twice the time of a kiln dried log due to it being very dense. The olive wood trees naturally die over time and in the counties where it grows the wood is used locally for heating and cooking, the brash (small branches of olive wood) is traditionally used for pizza ovens and cooking and the larger trunks and branches are used for firewood. It is then chopped up into manageable sizes, seasoned for over a year, creating olive wood logs and chunks. The olive hardwood logs are put into bags and weigh around 10-12kG. Olive wood smells amazing too and is the best hardwood log to cook food with. Why not try some as a top up on your order?
We source all of our olive wood from the Mediterranean. Olive farmers chop down the old olive trees as their productivity declines, leaving the productive roots to produce plentiful new growth or planting new trees to replace those that have died or become unproductive. Each year thousands of olive trees are left to decompose naturally releasing their stored carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere. Utilising these old trees as a source of fuel has a carbon-neutral effect on the environment.
Medical research has shown that families who use solid fuels, such as smokeless coal, are less likely to suffer from hay fever, asthma and eczema. The use of the chimney draws fresh air through the house and removes “polluted” air; thus creating a better ventilated home. With smokeless coal also producing less harmful emissions than other types of fuel they produce less pollution and are kinder to the environment.
Your Log Store needs to be on level place as there will be a lot of weight in it and it needs to be stable. Your log store should be placed where it can get plenty of air flow and some warmth, so somewhere the sun can get to it. Avoid a dark damp place that is shaded from the sun and wind. You log store is designed to allow air flow through it so face it away from the prevailing rain direction. If you are putting your log store against a wall this is fine, try and pick a wall that doesn't tend to have driving rain against it. But if this is the case then the logs will evaporate the surface moisture on them. It also needs to be in a place that you can get to easily to get a basket of logs on a cold night.
Kiln drying is the process of using heat to evaporate the natural water contained in wood. The wood is stacked inside the kiln and hot air is circulated through the drying chamber to increase the rate of evaporation. Kiln drying also kills naturally occurring insects and mould on the wood. Firewood that has been kiln dried is cleaner, lighter and better burning than green or naturally seasoned firewood logs.
The first thing is to get the fire very hot, as quick as possible. To do this, build the fire up, putting logs onto the kindling fire, rather than making a large pile at the start and stay with the fire. By being with the fire, you can see the flames rise as the logs set on fire and can add more. Remember to wear professional heat proof gloves. Then when you start to get lots of embers, move them towards the back of the Pizza oven, creating a nice hot base clear from ash. Sometimes people like to cook for a longer time over a few hours, if doing this push the embers to the side of the pizza oven, so that you can restock the fire in between cooking to keep the heat up. Closing the door also helps the embers stay and increases the heat inside.
Yes we do! They are 19cm (+/-1cm), so are a maximum of 20cm, we sell them in nets for easy handing. You can buy 20 nets, 35 nets or 70 nets of our small logs, perfect for small, multifuel stoves and wood burningstoves, fireplace grates, pizza ovens and BBQ's. You can find them in our kiln dried logs page.
Our 20cm silver birch nets, can be burnt on any stove, the advantage of having a 20cm logs is that they can fit into the smallest of stoves, like the Salamander Hobbit stove, we make sure ensure they are never cut over 20cm. The size of these small logs for small stoves makes them ideal log for a small stove or small fireplace. All wood in the UK is normally 25cm in length, so our smaller logs for wood burners and small cast iron fireplace baskets are a life line for those who are tired of cutting their firewood that is too large.
Place 3 pieces of kindling on the grate, then add 2-3 firelighters on top and a good handful of kindling onto the grate, then sprinkle a layer of smokeless coal around the kindling and on top of the kindling, leaving some kindling showing in the middle. Light the firelighters and ensure the vents on your stove are fully open. Once the fire has taken you can add more fuel to create a deep fire bed and adjust the vent until you achieve your desired burning rate. Leaving the vents fully open until the coals are glowing red. To prolong the burn, or to achieve over night burning, close the primary air vent, so that all the air intake is coming through the secondary and if you have one, your tertiary air vent. If burning on an open fireplace the process is the same except you will need to use a little more kindling at the beginning to set on fire, this is to allow the flue to be warmed more first from the kindling fire, remember that a warm flue draws properly, so the kindling fire is also being used to warm the flue up.
Kiln-dried logs are the best fuel to burn in your wood burning stove because they contain less moisture than green or seasoned logs. This means that they produce more heat and burn for longer making them more economical than other types of firewood. Kiln-dried logs will heat your room faster, burn with a brighter flame and produce less smoke than seasoned or green logs helping to minimise the build-up of harmful deposits on your chimney or lining system.
Use at least two firelighters and 5-8 pieces of kindling to generate enough heat to warm your flue. Once the kindling is burning add a couple of smaller kiln-dried logs - as these burn and create a layer of embers you can add a couple of larger logs. Reloading time will depend on the draw and size of your fireplace or wood burning stove - normally you will need to reload every 45 minutes or so.


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Service was great, delivery was within the time frame as requested with no issue. Due to COVID restrictions, the delivery person left the logs as requested and neatly stacked up Very impressed, thank you,

ian mcgregor


i got the delivery Tuesday 17 November: 2 guys very nice and polite! super efficient job done!

cristina nonnato


This is the first time I've used Log Delivery and I am really impressed. Everything was incredibly easy from start to finish. I really like the delivery options and the delivery guy was punctual and helpful. The quality of the logs is excellent. I will absolutely be using Log Delivery again. At last a high quality and reliable log supplier! Thank you.

S Chick


“Efficient, friendly, punctual and high quality logs. What more could one ask?”

richard moore


Thank you for delivering today’s order on time and also helping me out to get some oak wood nets. One of the biggest advantages in dealing with you all is the fact that I don’t have to worry about pallets that are usually left during deliveries. Granted I am not ordering very large quantities so it helps but still it is one of the key reasons I order from you. I also find the team extremely helpful when I call and they do their best to accommodate my request. Delivery is always on time and very professionally done.

amit dave


Thank you for the delivery of our logs yesterday. They came as instructed and your driver was really helpful and kind, putting the bags where we wanted. Will be using you again

cathi allison


I wanted to thank you for the log delivery on Saturday - our second delivery from you and definitely not our last! The logs are really good - just the right size, properly seasoned, and perfect on our open fire. The man who delivered the logs was incredibly kind and helpful, and managed to put the pallet in quite a difficult place for us to unload, with no fuss and no help. When we discovered that it was his first day on the job, we were amazed! He was brilliant and a huge credit to you as a company. Many thanks for an excellent service and really wonderful product.

peta nightingale


Thanks for the prompt delivery of my Normandy Briquettes 10x boxes at a great price, definitely the best I could find anywhere, Arrived in good time today.

Stephen moss


It was a wonderful experience - I’ve tweeted about it already. Driver really nice too.

Janet Mckenner


Really quick delivery, great quality dried seasoned logs. Friendly driver, in a van able to cope with our narrow streets, and delivered easily to the front garden. A hassle-free and brilliant service, thank you.

Eleanor crow


Reasonable cost , speedy and courteous delivery, well packaged and good logs - do what they say 👍

Mathew Thurston


Delivery arrived, great quality wood. Driver took them up side of house as requested.

doug reid


Very efficient and polite delivery - full marks.

david reddaway

sunbury on thames

20 nets of Ash delivered, as requested, in the early slot today. Logs look splendid and, as always, delivered by a courteous, helpful and cheery driver

stan cameron


A quick note to say logs are delivered and the delivery guy was very helpful getting them into the garage so thanks to him too

jim wood


Thank you for the fantastic service!

Sophia Welsh


1st class service as always.Quality logs

eve oneill


Very pleasant and helpful delivery man. Great logs as usual! Will be ordering again.

Eileen Flanagan


Fuel just delivered. 10kg bags are ideal to carry. Very helpful and obliging driver. Will definitely order from you again. Thanks.

Lesley Leighton


Excellent service thank you

Johathan Riddell


Helpful driver and the logs seem to be well dried.


New malden

Thanks again Log-delivery, Your driver and delivery man Karl was very helpful. Once again the wood is great quality. I have recommended you to many of my colleagues.



Superb quality and service.

Richard Willaimson

Fantastic prompt service with a delivery man with a big smile happy to do his job you couldn’t ask for anything better for delivery service and quality logs as well

G Henville

I'm very happy with this company always very reliable and good value for money, I would certainly recommend to anybody who requires there products

Mr D Jackson

Hi. First time I’ve used your delivery service and I’m very impressed. Your driver was very polite and helpful placing logs were I needed them and covering them to ensure they stay dry as my wood store has not been delivered yet. To sum up brilliant service, thank you

D Williams


Simple to choose what wood we want and delivery was so quick!!

Danny Jillions


Fantastic professional service as always.

P Duke


Great service- & on a Sunday— thank you

Mr Lewendon

East Molesey

Great wood, fast delivery, friendly customer service. Highly recommend.


Please pass on my thanks to your very helpful delivery driver - he struggled through a blizzard to deliver push them round to the back. I’m very grateful. Thank you.

P Borrett

East Sheen

Wood arrived at time said. It was raining but the wood was delivered quickly into the garage to keep it dry. Very good service, wood always burns cleanly. I have used this company for years and recommend them.



Charming delivery man. Very helpful and could not be more polite. Excellent

Mayday inns


I am always impressed with the service provided by log delivery it is swift and delivery efficient and prompt very pleased

S Wilson


Perfect as always .Wouldn't get logs anywhere else, good quality and value. Customer service excellent !



Thank you. Great service and support from the delivery guy, fast and helpful carrying in the logs. Logs burning beautifully.

M Ratcliffe


Once again we have been exceptionally happy with your service. Quality logs, delivered on time. Thank you.


Great service as always thanks and very polite driver and very helpful thanks again

Roger Mixell


Thank you for the log delivery. All went very smoothly and efficiently. Much appreciated.



Excellent service as always. Thank you in advance for a toasty Christmas. Best wishes ANNE



My first-ever log delivery, delighted thank you! Lovely guy and I will definitely re-order with you.



Amazing service and great quality wood for pizza ovens! I was unsure what to order as we are new to this, but the advice and customer service was excellent and we ended up with a great package! We needed the wood in a hurry and Barney went out of his way to deliver on time, making sure we got it next day! Thanks so much!



Many thanks for the hassle free delivery and the quality of the wood. It is several notches up from my previous providers!

Dr T Keighley


The service has been excellent. I changed my order at the last minute; the process could not have been smoother. The logs were delivered exactly when promised.

Nick Hudson


Log delivery very prompt and courteous on Sunday morning. Like the 3 delivery slot options. Many thanks



Great service as always, delivery driver superb - so polite, courteous and helpful. Thanks very much.

Paula Hassett


Logs were delivered efficiently and at the time booked. I had saved a parking space but still the guys were friendly and helpful. Thank you. The logs themselves are burning exactly as I would wish.

Anthony Calf


I wasn’t at home when my delivery arrived. The driver had left them safely near our side gate. Not sure how he got them there but I thought it was excellent service. He clearly made every effort to put it safe and dry. Very happy. Thank you!



We're very happy here at our end. Your wood burnt beautifully last night but most importantly you got our logs to us before the Arctic blast. I think quick delivery, good wood and reasonable prices are the 3 key things for customers. ​

Helen Sier

South London

Great to find a reliable log delivery firm - will use you again!

Oliver Fursdon


Many thanks for the speed with which you processed my order. The logs arrived at 8am this morning, well within the time slot. And the driver helpfully wheeled the logs around the side of the house, for easy stacking in the log store. Again, thank you. I trust the logs burn as well as expected.

Chris Perkins


Your delivery man was particularly helpful, charming and articulate

J Van Walsum


This is the first time I've used Log Delivery. The website was easy to use. Communication was excellent. The logs arrived on time. The driver was courteous and helpful. And they are clearly great quality. I will definitely come back. Many thanks


Thank you once again, brilliant service, always friendly and helpful and prompt. Great logs too! Anthony was great today. Very best


Excellent service as always - very prompt (got me out of bed!) Many thanks

Roger T

So my feedback is Your delivery slots are great. Especially the early morning and evening slots. So few companies take account of the fact most people in London are at work 9-5. Thank you also for changing my slot at the last minute. The logs are good too.



Hi, Just a quick note to say thank you for the delivery. The driver was very helpful and polite and the logs and natural firelighters look excellent quality. Looking forward to trying them in our new fire!


Delivery experience was excellent, delivery guy was curteous, helpful provided an A1 service would definitely recommend. Best wishes Gina



Such a great service. Our delivery guy was absolutely brilliant - went the extra mile to get our logs as close as possible to our back door. That man deserves a shout out. And great quality logs. Thank you yet again.

N Rogers


Great service. Logs delivered as promised and high quality logs as usual. Thanks!

C Fuhrman

Walton on Thames

Outstanding level of service by the person who delivered our wood. We live in a property where access is problematic and your driver assisted and made our lives very easy Thanks so much

M Solomann


The ordering and delivery booking service was excellent as usual, and the delivery guy today was on time, very personable and helpful.

AM Logan


Hi there – logs delivered yesterday and I would like to say how wonderful the delivery man was He took them right thru to the back garden and afraid there were a couple of small steps but he was so helpful and kind. Thanks again – you have a great service

Mr E Coffey


As before, an excellent reliable service with high quality logs delivered exactly when asked for. Thanks

R Stoker

London, N19

Excellent and speedy service. Very helpful and friendly. The logs were all of a similar size, clean and dry. They seem to be great quality and will use this company for future orders.



First time I have used log-delivery – Good service logs arrived when expected – excellent long lasting logs

David Hartrup

Shirley, CR0

Brilliant service all round and the logs are burning a treat! Thank you and great to be able to keep the bags to store the logs whilst we use them!

Rachel Hunt

Walton on Thames

Great job and fast delivery!

C Fuhrman

Walton on Thames

Thanks so much for your amazing service.. First order and proper expressed from beginning to the logs getting delivered. Will be coming back for more!



Just wanted to let you know, the logs are fantastic - super dry and burn brilliantly in our little stove. Delivery process was excellent too - we order a lot of wood online and have mixed results for various reasons, so this has been a great experience and we will order from you again in the future.

Annabel Taylor

East London

Thanks so much for the delivery! Fantastic service and great value for money! Have a great Easter😀

Rachael Murphy

Kingston Upon Thames

Excellent service ,lovely logs See you again



Thank you. You offer excellent service and your drivers are always very polite and helpful. Thanks.


London, N8

Delivery this morning was very smooth and simple. Your driver was extremely helpful and careful.

Mike Trinder

North London

Thank you - lovely quick delivery with polite and helpful driver . They burn nicely and love the olive wood - thank you

Michele Gibbons


Just a few lines to say how happy I was today with my very first delivery. Best part was Barney making sure that I was still okay with the delivery time slot as I’d neglected to confirm everything on the follow up email, either way I would had got my logs so amazing customer support there, delivery arrived within the time slot arranged, driver was very pleasant and helpful. All round a fantastic service, well done everyone!

Steve Hampsheir


Absolutely brilliant! Thank you! The polite helpful driver arrived at 07.30 and took the logs around to the log store. I am delighted with your service from start to finish and will definitely order my next logs from you and also recommend you to all my friends. Thankyou


Coney Hall

Really pleased. Great delivery, on time & polite.

Ben O'Brien


We took our first delivery of logs from you a few weeks ago and have been really please with the service. The logs burn hot and clean, smell wonderful, and the silver birch looks really attractive, which is a bonus since we keep a store in our living room. The delivery was fast and the guy who brought the logs was very helpful and friendly and offered to stack all the logs, although we didn’t need it. I’m just about to put in my next order. Thanks and all the best,


East Sheen

Logs were delivered fine this morning and around 7am as arranged. I just wanted to say that the delivery guy was really great and so helpful. I didn't catch his name, but say thank you for me please.


Epsom, KT19

Thanks for the delivery, on time and no hassle. The delivery man was fantastic, polite, friendly and considerate even at 7am on a Sunday. He's a credit to your team.



The delivery came on time and the driver was really helpful on a cold winter morning.



Thank you very much for this morning’s delivery. I’ve tried out the logs already. I’m very happy with the quality – and also with the speed and ease of delivery and your great customer service. I’ll be back!


London, SE24

Just a brilliant company: warm and knowledge advice; quick, punctual delivery and stonkingly good quality logs. I recommend them to anyone who will listen!



Just to say I've been very impressed with the quality of wood -it burns amazingly well! And the efficiency and ease of your delivery service if fantastic. Thank you very much!



Great service, and excellent product. Wood smells and burns very well.

S Johnston


I would just like to say a thank you again for all the help this morning in bringing our delivery down the drive. Much appreciated.

Carol Carey


This was my first order and I would like to say the delivery guy was so patient, helpful and friendly. Arrived promptly and I was very pleased. I have already started recommending log-delivery and just feel life is so easier knowing ordering logs is at a click at a button!


New Malden

Thank you. A complete pleasure from start to finish. Thank you for explaining so clearly (I’m a new stove owner), for delivering in a handle-able quantity (hard to find), and delivering so promptly and kindly! I am actually looking forward to the winter, now.. And a very happy Christmas to you all

Penny Hunt


I'm so grateful for the very nice and helpful man who delivered my logs yesterday! This was a completely different experience compared to my previous with other companies. I will absolutely recommend you! Wish you a lovely day!

Arin Menes

White City

These logs are great! Burn really well - thank you!

Elizabeth Megson


Really great service. Will definitely be coming back for more. Good luck with the venture!

Dan Saunders

Kingston Upon Thames

Logs delivered on time and the usual great quality.

Richard Williams


I just wanted to send you a short note to say how courteous and helpful the chap who delivered my logs this morning was. It was much appreciated and very much inclines me towards ordering from you in the future.



I wanted to say thank you for the log delivery yesterday. The logs were delivered on the date and time I requested which was very helpful as I work. The guy was very kind and put all the logs into my shed for me, nothing was too much trouble.

Susan Kennedy


Thanks for the delivery. I was really impressed. The driver, was awesome. Nice, polite, and put the logs on near the house so I could ferry them in. He even left me a bag to help. The wood is excellent too. So a big 5 stars for product and service.

Tim Allen

North London

Very happy with the service provided throughout the order. Received delivery a lot earlier than expected and will definitely use again once I get through all the wood! Thanks once again.



Thank you. Whole process awesome and delightful and helpful delivery chap .. Didn't moan and helped stack beautifully. I am delighted .. Fire on now!



Just thought I'd give you some feedback on the delivery I had from you yesterday. Really pleased with everything, the logs are brilliant - so much better quality/dryness than the last supplier we had and I loved the guy that delivered them, he was so nice and friendly, really helpful - nothing was too much trouble. Really happy that we've found such a great new firewood supplier - thank you.



Thank you! The logs are safely tucked away, waiting for the cold weather. Fantastic service, thank you very much.

Siobhan Sharp

Walton on Thames

Great stuff thank you, arrived on time, lovely dry logs, makes winter that little bit better; will use you again



I thought the quality of service and the quality of product was great. Friendly, helpful staff and a hassle-free delivery at a convenient time. The only painful part of the process was carrying the logs through the house! The website gives you lots of information about what's on offer, how to order, etc. and the idea of suggesting three delivery slots worked really well.

Sarah Watson

London, E11

Thanks for the fuel delivery. It was better for me coming in the morning rather than the afternoon and the delivery guy couldn't have been more helpful. Will definitely use you guys next time.

Peter Lewis


It was great on time. good value. marvellous. and a much needed hour long early morning work out for me moving half a ton of wood from the street to my woodshed, log by log...honestly, very happy. thanks.

Giles Coren


Logs are great and Barney was as well. Super nice guy and professional. Better logs than what I ordered from They also weren't willing to help out with my back injury. My neighbour just bought a stove so I will reach out to him about ordering a couple of pallets of loose wood as to give you more business and cut down my costs. Enjoy the weekend.

Christopher Tancredi


Excellent service as always

Jon Dickens


This company is fabulous as not only are they wonderfully efficient about delivery and communication but the products they offer are of excellent quality and I wholeheartedly recommend them.

Dr Vicky Jolliffe

Excellent service from initial ordering on the website (super easy), clearly defined logs and descriptions and it was great the logs arrived on time. They were put under our porch as it was raining (thank you!) and they therefore remained really dry. The silver birch logs where exactly the right size for my small fire and burn really well and smell lovely. Having tried lots of other log companies on-line (who said their logs were small and they were not), I will definitely use again.


North London

The logs arrived on time & as described on the website. They smell great & produce lots of heat when burnt. The delivery man was very friendly, cheerful & gave a good customer service, which makes such a difference. Thank you!

Mr Paragreen

London E1

Wonderful service and honest people warm house I don't want to leave such a good log fire thank you.

Krithia Wildfire

London SW20

I would like to say how impressed we were of the service we received. I was expecting the delivery to be left at the top of our garden but when we arrived home from work we were pleasantly surprised to find the logs neatly stacked in the passage to the garden (with is down several steps ). I will certainly be using your company in the future.

Simon Earley


Very impressed as a first time user of Log-Delivery. From Tom who took my order, to the chap who delivered. Very good customer service, delivery came well within the 3 hr window which makes a huge change from having to stay in all day or pay extra for a rare Saturday delivery. Would definitely recommend

Jean Acheson


As before we're very happy with the level service (both on the phone and from the driver) and with the quality of your logs. No fuss, excellent logs and just what you promised.

Roger Trevitt

London N5