Discover a fantastic range of eco briquettes here at Log Delivery – your planet-friendly fuel source for pizza ovens and more! Our briquettes are an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional fossil fuels such as coal. Our popular beech briquettes are made with compressed sawdust, while our coffee logs use waste produced by shops such as Costa Coffee.

By using recycled and waste products that would usually end up in landfill sites, we’re proud to be doing our bit to protect the planet.

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Beech Briquettes

Eco Beech Briquettes - 12kg Boxes

For use in Log Burners, Pizza Ovens & Open Fires: 10 x 25cm logs per box = 12kg Briquettes. Burns for up to 1.5 hours each.
Picture of Coffee Logs™ bags of 16 logs

Coffee Logs™ bags of 16 logs

Coffee Logs™ are premium eco briquettes made from recycled waste coffee grounds. Burning hotter and longer than wood, Coffee Logs™ are ideal for compatible solid fuel stoves, chimeneas and open fires.