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In celebration, we are giving away 5 free nets of 20cm silver birch with every order of over £100 
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*Valid until Monday 17th

We have made some changes to make our website more user friendly and streamline the order process. 
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6 weekends until Christmas
6 weekends until Christmas

It's now a daily headline that the UK economy is experiencing multiple challenges that are causing an adverse effect on the nations supply chains. From supermarket shelves that will be empty, and uncertainty of petrol stations supplies! Meanwhile, the haulage industry is still suffering from a short...


Its been a tough year for all, with the cost of living on the rise for many.
We have seen a sharp rise in raw material costs, which have forced us to increase the prices across our products. This is also due to the increased labour cost for processing, haulage costs and driver wage increases.

Wood Sure Ready to Burn
Wood Sure Ready to Burn

All our wood is certified Ready to Burn! This means our wood is certified by Woodsure. This means our supply chain, the method of kiln drying and the sustainable sourcing of our firewood meets all the strict standards now required.

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