Barrow Bags

A Barrow Bag is approximately the same volume of logs as 25% of a bulk bag. Our barrow bags have been super popular for some years, not only do they protect your logs, you can drag them along with their rugged handles or pop them on a sack truck, something you cannot do with a giant bulk bag!

We now send all barrow bags on a pallet, and you can have 2 or 4 on a pallet, either as Birch only or a mix of hardwoods. The driver will deliver these to kerbside, and you can then move them freely once the packaging has been loosened.

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Picture of Kiln Dried Birch Log Barrow Bag

Kiln Dried Birch Log Barrow Bag

If you need logs for a Pizza Oven or simply want Birch logs in an easily moved bag, our Birch barrow bags are the very best!
Picture of Kiln Dried Mixed Hardwood Barrow Bag

Kiln Dried Mixed Hardwood Barrow Bag

These barrow bags of Mixed Hardwood kiln dried ogs are conveniently sized to make moving easily. You can pop one onto a sack truck or drag them with their rugged handles. Unfortunately these are no longer available for collection but we now dispatch then in quantities of 2 or 4 on a pallet. Typically a mix of birch with Ash or Oak.