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Log Stores are the perfect solution for keeping your logs dry all year round.  Our Log Stores are made here in the UK for us and are built to last. You can keep seasoned logs in a log store, or kiln dried logs too. 

They have been designed to fit 20 nets of silver Birch or 20 nets of Ash. If you take the logs out of the nets (please recycle the nets) they are delivered in, you should be able to stack around 24 nets inside a our log stores. When you order a log store, we will send you an installation manual, so that you can see how easy they are to put together. The nails and screws needed are provided to screw the sides down to the base plate. They are flat packed, so honestly will take 10 minutes to build.  If you need to add Natural Firelighters or kindling to your order, simply click here

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Small Log Store in grade "A" Joinery Pine - Pressure treated
Waterproof Log Store for keeping your logs dry all year round.
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Small Log Store Package
Log Store Plus 20 x25cm Silver Birch Kiln Dried Log nets offer
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Where should I put my Log Store?

Your Log Store needs to be on level place as there will be a lot of weight in it and it needs to be stable. Your log store should be placed where it can get plenty of air flow and some warmth, so somewhere the sun can get to it. Avoid a dark damp place that is shaded from the sun and wind. You log store is designed to allow air flow through it so face it away from the prevailing rain direction. If you are putting your log store against a wall this is fine, try and pick a wall that doesn't tend to have driving rain against it. But if this is the case then the logs will evaporate the surface moisture on them. It also needs to be in a place that you can get to easily to get a basket of logs on a cold night.