Log Delivery's high quality Kiln Dried Hardwood logs, Kiln dried crates, local Seasoned Hardwood firewood are available online or collection from our warehouse in Walton on Thames, KT12, they are very dry logs perfect for your stove or fireplace. We are as committed to the environment as we are to our customers. Our Kindling comes from Hambledon, our seasoned hardwood logs come from local forestry work in Guildford.

Our mission is to have all our firewood sourced locally from Surrey Hills.


Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs

Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs

Buy kiln dried firewood online, perfect dry logs for stoves and fireplaces, start your first order with a smaller barrow bag or our 10kg nets of kiln dried logs, or to satisfy your big stoves hunger for logs buy crates of ash logs and bulk bags of kiln dried firewood to keep yourself well stocked. Buy 20cm length kiln dried silver birch logs, perfect for small stoves or 25cm length silver birch and ash firewood logs for larger stoves and fireplaces

Seasoned Logs

Seasoned Logs

Buying our British seasoned hardwood logs in dumpy bags, helps us support the rural British economy and bring neglected woodlands back into management. Our local seasoned hardwood logs have been naturally air dried for 12-18 months, reducing the moisture content to around 18-25%. Our locally sourced hard wood logs are sourced within 10 miles of us and our reputation for well seasoned firewood is something we are proud of. Our Olive wood bags are also in this section!

Log Packages

Log Packages

In a hurry to buy firewood or smokeless fuel online? Don't know what to order on your first log delivery? Click here to see our ready made packages of kiln dried logs and kindling combinations, olive wood and kindling packages along with fuel for multi fuel stoves which include the right amount of smokeless fuel, kindling and firelighters. Buying your fuel for your stove or fireplace has just got even easier!

Smokeless Coal

Smokeless Coal

Smokeless fuel is perfect for multifuel stoves and open fireplaces and can be used in smokeless zones like London. It burns for a long time and can be used with seasoned firewood or kiln dried logs to create a nice hot base for your firewood. With less reloading time it is popular for those who want to enjoy the benefits of over night burning where your stove will still be lovely and warm in the morning.

Log Stores

Log Stores

Log Stores are the perfect place to store your kiln dried logs or seasoned logs. Our Log stores are made here in England and are delivered flat packed, with the base, the sides and the top all pre assembled, screws are provided too! Storing your logs in a log store is best and these very well built, strong logs stores can easily store 20 nets of kiln dried logs.

Top Ups & Kindling

Top Ups & Kindling

You can add smaller amounts of kiln dried log bags in nets, Olive wood, smokeless fuel and firelighters to your order, perfect if you want to try something new or simply want to top up your order and give some to your neighbour to try



Many people are interested in buying woodlands, sometimes this will be with a property or on its own. You can make a real difference by owning woodland and bringing it back to native woodland by managing it properly. Sometimes this is achievable in small woodlands for the owner, but more often than not, the coppicing and management is too much for 1 person if the woodland is over 3 acres.


We are now selling a 20cm kiln dried log in Silver Birch, perfect kiln hardwood dried log for small wood burners and fireplaces. Typically small logs are needed for 3kw and 4kw stove, for example the small stove called the Salamander stoves who make the Hobbit and the Hobbit SE, which both can take our 20cm small log silver birch kiln dried logs.


Thank you! The logs are safely tucked away, waiting for the cold weather. Fantastic service, thank you very much.

Siobhan Sharp

Walton on Thames

Great stuff thank you, arrived on time, lovely dry logs, makes winter that little bit better; will use you again



I thought the quality of service and the quality of product was great. Friendly, helpful staff and a hassle-free delivery at a convenient time. The only painful part of the process was carrying the logs through the house! The website gives you lots of information about what's on offer, how to order, etc. and the idea of suggesting three delivery slots worked really well.

Sarah Watson

London, E11

Thanks for the fuel delivery. It was better for me coming in the morning rather than the afternoon and the delivery guy couldn't have been more helpful. Will definitely use you guys next time.

Peter Lewis


It was great on time. good value. marvellous. and a much needed hour long early morning work out for me moving half a ton of wood from the street to my woodshed, log by log...honestly, very happy. thanks.

Giles Coren


Logs are great and Barney was as well. Super nice guy and professional. Better logs than what I ordered from BuyFirewooddirect.co.uk. They also weren't willing to help out with my back injury. My neighbour just bought a stove so I will reach out to him about ordering a couple of pallets of loose wood as to give you more business and cut down my costs. Enjoy the weekend.

Christopher Tancredi


Excellent service as always

Jon Dickens


This company is fabulous as not only are they wonderfully efficient about delivery and communication but the products they offer are of excellent quality and I wholeheartedly recommend them.

Dr Vicky Jolliffe

Excellent service from initial ordering on the website (super easy), clearly defined logs and descriptions and it was great the logs arrived on time. They were put under our porch as it was raining (thank you!) and they therefore remained really dry. The silver birch logs where exactly the right size for my small fire and burn really well and smell lovely. Having tried lots of other log companies on-line (who said their logs were small and they were not), I will definitely use Log-Delivery.co.uk again.


North London

The logs arrived on time & as described on the website. They smell great & produce lots of heat when burnt. The delivery man was very friendly, cheerful & gave a good customer service, which makes such a difference. Thank you!

Mr Paragreen

London E1

Wonderful service and honest people warm house I don't want to leave such a good log fire thank you.

Krithia Wildfire

London SW20

I would like to say how impressed we were of the service we received. I was expecting the delivery to be left at the top of our garden but when we arrived home from work we were pleasantly surprised to find the logs neatly stacked in the passage to the garden (with is down several steps ). I will certainly be using your company in the future.

Simon Earley


Very impressed as a first time user of Log-Delivery. From Tom who took my order, to the chap who delivered. Very good customer service, delivery came well within the 3 hr window which makes a huge change from having to stay in all day or pay extra for a rare Saturday delivery. Would definitely recommend

Jean Acheson


As before we're very happy with the level service (both on the phone and from the driver) and with the quality of your logs. No fuss, excellent logs and just what you promised.

Roger Trevitt

London N5


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